Every assignment that you get from your institution, comes with a deadline. As a student, you are expected to meet that deadline, by submitting your paper within the allocated time. Failing to do so can often lead to penalty, where your marks are capped off. In many instances the students are compelled to re-sit again for the assignment. In short, it is a big hassle, if you fail to submit your paper on time.

We also understand, that a student it is quite difficult for you to juggle between personal and academic life, especially if you are working a part-time job. Having said all that, wouldn’t it have been better if you never had to worry about meeting assignment deadlines, ever again? Of course, it would.

At EduHelpHub, we make sure that every order that you place with us, is delivered to you right on time. While placing an order, you are required to set a fixed deadline or urgency, and we promise to deliver a top-quality paper within that time. So, no matter how urgently you want your paper to be solved, we are always ready for you. We offer the lowest deadline limit of 8 hours, so that even the last-minute orders can be delivered to our customers.

Our commitment to punctuality, also extends to revisions. As you set a revision, you are given the option to set a deadline of your choice, just like placing a new order. Our experts will make sure that all the revised file with all the revision instructions are incorporated in the paper and sent to you within that time.

However, in certain rare cases, we may want to request an extension on the deadline. Such extensions are mostly asked, if there are very incomplete instructions send by our customers and we have to wait for further response. Moreover, an extension may also be asked if there are any payments that are due from the customer. Kindly note that the experts will not start working on an order, if there are any payment dues. These policies allows us to provide top quality services in the most sustainable manner possible.