The privacy policies of EduHelpHub is aim to help you understand how the company manages and stores personal information that we collect and why do we collect it.

Non-Disclosure Statement

We gather personal information of our customers, which they provide us while creating a new account with EduHelpHub. This information may contain name, e-mail address, location and phone number. Moreover, more information may be shared by the customer, during personal interaction with the service personnel, such as institution affiliation, personal career and lifestyle choices, etc. All of this information is NEVER shared with any third-party entities, or sold for advertisements. The gathered information is retained within the company and is solely used for internal communication, and improvement and personalization of our services.

It should be noted that in order to avoid any misuse of the personal information, they are never shared with the writers or employees and are only accessed by the administration department. Also note that we retain contact information like e-mail id and phone number to help our customers regain access to their account, in case of loss of password.

How Personal Information are Used?

The personal information gathered from our customers are used to notify them regarding the following:

  • Completed Order
  • Current Order Status
  • Reply to Queries
  • Price Discounts
  • Other Urgent Notifications

Online Transaction Safety

Every transaction that you make with EduHelpHub goes through the secured gateway of PayPal. So, any information regarding your bank account, debit or credit card is never disclosed to us. The security of PayPal also ensures that every transaction is safe from cyber-attacks, so that you can place your order safely. Moreover, our website is protected by 128-bit SSL encryption, which protects you every time you visit us. So, you are completely safe in every possible manner as you avail our services.

Cookies Storage Policy

EduHelpHub collects cookies from the visitors in order to improve security and to identify potential threats and scams. Cookies are also stored to retain information such as account and login credentials, location, language, etc. It allows us to improve the overall experience for our customers. As a part of our non-disclosure policy, we never share cookies information with third parties, or sell them for advertisements.

Sharing Customer Feedbacks

We often share the feedback of our customers in our website. It allows us to help our visitors to make an informed decision. We ensure that will sharing the feedback we never share any identifiable information about our customers, thereby protecting their privacy. We also encourage our customers to share their reviews, which can help us to further improve our services.